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Saturday, July 01, 2006

I've Moved

Life has a way of moving on, and so do blogs. My blog is now located on Wordpress, and you can find it here.

Again, that's

See you at the new place!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Truly Life and Death Situation

This is an actual headline from MSN today...

Did Star Jones Reynolds Quit "The View" or Was She Fired?"


Monday, June 26, 2006

Why I Felt It Was Important to Change the Look of My Blog

This morning, I changed my blog appearance. To do this, you can either use the templates provided by Blogger (which aren't all that interesting), or you can do an internet search for "free templates, blogger," and find some more stuff. Then, you have to choose between templates that are easy to load and use, vs. templates that require a lot of tweaking. It's potentially a lot of work, and changing one's blog appearance can be a massive undertaking, which should not be entered into lightly.

There are several reasons people change the look of their blogs:

1. Perhaps a new format better conveys the message they are trying to get across, or better accomodates comments or other features;

2. Perhaps they are bored and don't have enough to do, and don't mind spending hours finding and installing a new template;

3. Perhaps they are trying to avoid other tasks, such as homework, bill paying, etc.

For me, I'm gonna have to go with #3!!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Since Courtney Got Her License...

1. When I use the car now, the seat position is adjusted so that my knees are in my face;

2. One of those visor CD holder thingies has suddenly appeared on my visor, full of CD's that I don't recognize;

3. Although it seems like I just bought gas, for some reason I had to get more tonight;

4. Courtney decided to drive herself and meet one of her friends at the movies Friday night, instead of letting that friend, who is older and has no driving restrictions, just pick her up (our house is in a direct line between the friend's house and the theater);

5. When Courtney was working tonight and was sent to a local Subway in the same strip mall to get change, she found it necessary to drive there rather than walk;

6. Our next-door neighbor, who has known Courtney since she was 2, can't stop shaking her head and smiling!

Friday, June 23, 2006


This morning, at around 10:45 a.m., the lovely Miss Courtney

became a licensed driver. She is now legally entitled to move thousands of pounds of steel down crowded streets and freeways, at enormous speeds.

I couldn't be more excited.

Fortunately, the State of California has finally figured out that teenage drivers are likely to have problems, due to their inexperience. I could have told them that - it's amazing I'm still alive, considering the things I did behind the wheel when I was between the ages of 16-40. Anyway, they impose certain restrictions on teenage drivers during the first 12 months, including not being able to drive with anyone under 20 in the car, not driving between 11pm and 5am, and a few other things.

I have a few suggestions for more teenage driving restrictions:

1. The teenage driver must at all times have a very large, gun-carrying police officer with him/her in the car.

2. The teenage driver may not exceed speeds of 5 mph, except of course on the freeway, in which case he/she may not exceed speeds of 6 mph.

3. The teenage driver may not drive more than 27 feet from his/her residence.

4. The teenage driver must pay for all increased insurance costs, all maintenance such as oil changes and transmission replacements due to doing stupid things with the car, and must pay for all gasoline - even for gasoline not used by the teenage driver. This, of course, is extortion, otherwise known as parenting.

5. Having a driver's license may in no way be construed as an increase in curfew hours. On the contrary, having a driver's license actually results in a removal of any/all curfew. There is no longer a curfew necessary, because she's never going to be driving more than 27 feet from our house!!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Not A Good Opportunity for an Attorney

I read online that one of Saddam Hussein's defense attorneys, Khamis al-Obaidi, was shot and killed yesterday. It's the third lawyer he's, uh, lost under similar circumstances in the past several months.

Interestingly, I had lunch today with a friend who passed the bar exam last year and is excited about all the opportunities that a law degree can bring.

He's right - there's a lot out there. But I'd advise him that if an opportunity ever comes up to be Saddam Hussein's attorney (and it might, because they seem to be running out of them), just say no.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

This is the Mandatory Occasional "Life is Busy" Message

Occasionally, I feel like I need to write and tell my vast reading audience (which is approaching double digits) that I'm just too darn busy. But, it's important, worthwhile, good stuff.

One more week to go in Statistics at Biola. Like a psycho, for some reason I like that class. In another week, I start "Theology and the Christian Life." Also, I just started a History class at El Camino College (which is Spanish for "The Camino College").

During the summer, I need to plan music curriculum for Peninsula Heritage School, so I can start teaching there this fall. In addition, I'm excited about getting a new Saturday night service going at Crossroad. (If you're reading this, Scott, we need to hang out soon). Also, although it's still June, soon it'll be time to start thinking about Mattel Corp's Christmas music, as well as Crossroad's Christmas stuff.

All that, and I may be music director for Torrance Youth Theater's "Annie," starting in October. Maybe. I haven't told them "yes" yet. But I haven't told them "no" either. But I was smart enough to say no to "Beauty and the Beast," which starts rehearsal next week and performs at the end of August. Enough's enough, already.

The game of life is busy. But the end is in sight (the end to the busy-ness, hopefully not the end to life!)